Animated film course” is for students without previous experience in the field of animation, or for people who want to systematize and improve their knowledge. The aim of the course is training in the field of character animation, the basics of cinematography and film language.

The course lasts for one year with a fund of 420 hours and covers the fundamentals of drawing, storytelling, storyboard, basics of 3D software, traditional 2D animation, with an emphasis on software package Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and Autodesk Maya.

Each student receives a schedule, required materials, animation desk and computer for work. Course emphasizes the practice, and group will receive exercises for short films and animations. With films, participants will take part in festivals and receive accreditation for their actions – giving them the basis for future employment.

Schedule is based on commitments of the participants. Possible terms of the day are 10-13h, 14-17h and 18-21h.